Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Laptop

We've been saying for years that we should buy a laptop, but we're of the "if it's not broke" philosophy. So, this weekend, God decided we needed a laptop. By that, I mean that our hard drive crashed on our ancient computer.

The bad news: We probably lost everything stored on the old computer. That includes photos of Mitchell from birth! Luckily, I throw everything on Shutterfly so we have everything but the most recent, which are safely on the memory stick in our camera.

The good news: WE BOUGHT A LAPTOP! We had to go to two stores to score a great deal ($400 off!). It's a snazzy nail-polish red color, which I think is kinda cool (but Paul's not really a fan).

Yippee! I'm technologically on par with most of the world again! (I'm still ahead in the cell phone department since work springs for me to have an ultra-fancy phone that has all the bells and whistles.)

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