Monday, July 21, 2008

They Might Be ... Chickenpox!

So Noah wakes up this morning with little tiny bumps under his diaper, and a few had those gorgeous blistery heads, just like ... chickenpox!

I called the pediatrician, who worked me in. She wasn't sure since the majority of them don't have the little heads on them - yet. She said it could be the very, very beginning of an outbreak and to keep him home through Wednesday for observation. If there are more or they get worse, then he needs to be out all week.

Oh, the joys at our Casa de Chaos.

As for me, I'm feeling better, aside from this cough that is making my throat hurt all over, and the sweats that just won't go away. Oh yeah, I also have ulcers all over the inside of my mouth (I usually get fever blisters on my lips when I'm sick), so I sound like I'm drunk, slurring my words!


Leslie D said...

my goodness i certainly hope that they come and go fast if they are cp!!!

Mary Anna said...

Thanks! I didn't read anywhere that the pox gives your 11-month-old wild energy and the ability to survive without a nap!

Tierd said...

Oh no! I hope everyone gets better fast at your house ... NO FUN!

If we don't see you at G's party Saturday, we'll know why. He has his baby dedication at church and grandparents visiting from Michigan the following week so we definitely don't want chicken pox around here :) Not that anyone ever does.