Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rant & Rave: Nuk Sippy Cup

I could sing of my love forever of the Nuk sippy cup from Gerber. It is the only sippy I've found that absolutely DOES NOT LEAK. Period. In the bottom of the diaper bag. Hitting the floor of the restaurant. Being banged nonstop against the coffee table. Being banged nonstop against the table at the restaurant.

I tried every single sippy with Mitchell, and every single one of them leaked, albeit some under extreme toddler conditions. But HELLO, sippies are invented for toddlers, so they should withstand those extreme conditions.

Noah now has all three Nuk patterns - including the red one with the Hawaiian-looking flowers - and I wished they came bigger than just 5 ounces.


Daphne said...

doesn't leak? sounds good. I have some pretty gross diaper bag interiors do to lousy engineering!

Ferguson Family of 4 said...

The bottle part is the same as a NUK bottle, you should be able to just put the larger bottle in the handles!

Anonymous said...

Our babe loved the nuk sippy over all others we tried. Then she got clever with her fingers and can pull the entire rubber top out spilling liquid all over herself. (Of course, she likes doing this). She is unable to forget she learned how to yank the rubber top off, gets busy trying to spill it. Too bad, it was the best.