Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: My Purse

I read about a great incentive to get something done: The ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom created a challenge called "Tackle it Tuesday." You set a goal, tackle it then blog about it. All the participants throw their names and what they're tackling into the mix.

So, here's my first Tackle it Tuesday: My Purse.

I jokingly call my purse "Mary Poppins." It doesn't matter how big or how small, I manage to carry way too much (and way to random) stuff in there!

Today, I'm tackling it, though.

Here's a quick list of some of the things I've taken out today (no lie!):
  • a diaper (unused, of course)
  • Clip-on hair (again, no lie!)
  • 10 receipts to throw away
  • 5 receipts for my expense request at work
  • a Bionicle toy with light-up red eyes
  • business cards for people I'll never call
  • 1 coupon I'll never use
  • 2 business cards that I actually need to add to Outlook
  • a wad of Saran Wrap that's been creeping me out for about a week (when I touch it, I think
  • a green bouncy ball
  • the gate remote for my neighborhood - it needs to go back in the car
  • $1.76 in loose change
  • 2 loose breath mints (they get oddly hard if they float around in there too long)
  • Countless bits and pieces of wrappers, small trash, etc.

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